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Version Logs
Update 5.8



 Instanced shapes supported in the core solver


* Fixed fragments detached from clusters bounce weirly in the ground
* Fixed delete all Pdi bodies may crash if disabled fracture bodies present in simulation
* Fixed Fbody clusterize 0 Colliding with ground grid traverses it sometimes
* Fixed Breakable at Frame clusters can cause the whole Fbody collapsing
* Fixed instanced rigid bodies doesnt trigger crack propagation
* Fixed Fbody colliding with animated character doesnt detect collision sometimes
* Fixed Fist hit Fbody colliding with animated character doenst adquire impact momemtum
* Fixed fragments colliding with convex ground traverses it little by little
* Fixed update transform for disabled Pdi body doesnt update Pdi Manage Window
* Fixed update transform for disabled Pdi Fbody doesnt enable Fbody
* Fixed cannot select shatter group in outliner when Fracture panel is visible
* Fixed after creating shatter group in Maya user can move the selected voronode away
* Fixed Fbody ghosting collision may happen with high speed animated bodies
* Fixed instanced bodies using mesh volume detect collision very slowly
* Fixed Kinematic Rigid bodies attached to non geometric nodes are set as "activate at first hit" by default
* Added warning when any rigid body is below the scene ground grid

Update 5.7



New Fast Stacking & Deactivation solver up to 4x faster

 Instances shapes supported for rigid bodies and Shatter it

New UI parameter "adquire anim velocity factor"

 Improved performance in fracture againts animated bodies

 New Fbody setup option "One per shatter group"

New Jagginess option "Add jagginess to All fragments"

New Jagginess mode "Assymetric tesselation" 50% less polys than Uniform mode

New ability to animate cracker multiplier or disable it at desired frame

New ability to auto assing unique names to duplicated nodes or instances

Animatable fracture parameters are auto displayed for current selected object.

New ability to create PDI rigid bodies from groups

New UI option "set all dyn values to default" for rigid bodies


* Fixed rigid bodies colliding with animated objects sometimes go through ground grid
* Fixed change name of fracture body doesnt skip already existing names
* Fixed change name of cracker doesnt skip already existing names
* Fixed Maya crash sometimes after open PDi scene , making scene->new and start creating pdi bodies
* Fixed disabled fracture bodies are reseted when user reset the pdi  scene
* Fixed fragments colliding with ground has sometimes a weird drift motion
* Fixed rbd "update transfom" doesnt activate the body if it has been removed from simulation
* Fixed selected bodies in PDi Manage World Window doesnt select in viewport
* Fixed  playing back cached anim fbodies looks weird before they get broken
* Fixed select fracture body in Fractures list doesnt select the fracture node
* Added warning when setting rbd from object with more than 100k faces

NOTE: Users of Puldownit 5.x cloud floating licenses must install this update to can connect to the licenses server.

Update 5.5



 Shatter it multithreaded( up to 8x faster with regards to v 5.0)

 New ability to delete Shatter it centers directly in the viewport

 Initial velocity and angular velocity can be added to "activation at frame" fracture bodies

 Improved collisions between fracture bodies for a more intuitive behaviour

 New ability to generate Bounded Cracks until desired frame only

 New ability to set parameters for several Crackers at once

 New ability to invert Crackers selection

 New ability to Edit Name of selected Cracker

 New ability to show/hide all Crackers paths at once

 New ability to create Crackers for all selected curves at once

 New ability to set parameters for several fractures at once

 Maya cache playback supported right after baking PDI keys


* Fixed hi-poly models ackward flikering in viewport  while being shattering
* Fixed uvs for multiple uvsets are messed up after shattering in some rare occasions
* Fixed Shatter it styles miss extent value when not using Draft mode
* Fixed Shatter it change shatter style in Draft mode ignores extent value
* Fixed Shatter it Wood Splinters center doesnt match object center in draft mode
* Fixed Shatter it "Width" parameter is ignored after changing shatter style
* Fixed Shatter locator generates points far away of the object sometimes
* Fixed rigid body parent rotate pivot is lost after saving the scene
* Fixed Crackers push the whole model when hitting unbreakable areas
* Fixed Crackers "Assign Path" button doesnt hilight  when path is selected in Maya
* Fixed Crackers list cannot be expanded
* Fixed cannot create crackers from curves created with the pencil tool over live surface
* Fixed user can assing several Crackers to the same path
* Fixed Bounded Cracks causes instabilities in static fracture bodies sometimes
* Fixed Bounded Cracks causes other rigid body/fracture body collisions get bounded aswell
* Fixed Bounded Cracks fails sometimes for large thin models
* Fixed large fragments get detached unexpectedly sometimes
* Fixed excluded bodies in fracture creation are included in simulation
* Fixed "activate at frame" Fbody adquires incorrect velocity when was broken before activation
* Fixed small fragments can break fracture bodies in advance
* Fixed small fragments can activate fracture bodies in advance
* Fixed setting fracture Hardness around 0 doesnt break the fracture body completely
* Fixed parented curves miss it original parent when used for shattering an object
* Fixed Pdi cache is baked wrongly when playing back start at frame diferent than start time
* Fixed add jagginess creates weird long thin triangles for concave faces sometimes
* Fixed plugin crash after applying jagginess when original model has more than 8 uvsets
* Fixed remove jagginess after load mess up shaders for some faces
* Fixed remove jagginess duplicate uv set when original uv set name is diferent than "map1"
* Fixed delete crackers doesnt disable PDi cache
* Fixed change PDI bounding volume at frame diferent than 0 may cause initial position lost

Update 5.3



    Shatter it 4x faster

    Whole shatter group is hilighted before creating fracture body

    Shatter locator auto return to a valid position after user release the mouse button


* Static "only breaks" is now the default for static fbodies creation
* Added warning when original model has no uvs assigned in Maya
* Fixed shatter locator affect point cloud weirdly when it is far from the object
* Fixed local shatter centers doesnt fit to convex hull of object sometimes
* Fixed shatterit flikering when launching draft mode for hi-poly meshes
* Fixed shatterit huge slow down when updating shatter region for hi-poly meshes
* Fixed Path Based Shatter displays several locators when num centers > 1
* Fixed Path Based shatter doesnt keep number of shards when point cloud is displaced by the user
* Fixed all shatter params become enabled when activating Shatterit Draft Mode
* Fixed Shatter Draft Mode doesnt hide current shards after clicking it twice
* Fixed selected shards contour isnt displayed when clicking Shatterit tab
* Fixed Shatter cloud doesnt fit to selected path when launching Draft Mode
* Fixed Shatter it vertex normals messed up sometimes for cap faces
* Fixed shatter it vertex colors are messed up sometimes for complex geometry
* Fixed vertex colors arent preserved after shatter combined models
* Fixed multiple uvsets arent preserved after shatter combined models
* Fixed shatter progress bar doesnt update correctly when several objects selected
* Fixed convex hull shape generation get stucked for hi-poly models sometimes
* Fixed Crackers are disabled by PDI right after creation
* Fixed Fbody "activate at frame" is missed after reshattering the model

Update 5.2


This update features a number of fixes from previous version.


* Fixed fracture bodies made of non connected parts fails to break sometimes
* Fixed plugin crash when loading a new scene and a fracture body was saved broken
* Fixed "break at frame" clusters ignores propagation scheme
* Fixed app crash when loading a PDi scene after playing another PDi scene
* Fixed jaggy "broken only" doesnt match tesellation of adjacent faces sometimes
* Fixed reshatter animated fragments + assign rbds is not working as expected
* Fixed local style shatter center changes suddenly when in draft mode sometimes
* Fixed single fragments of "only break" fratures get freezed after resume simulation
* Fixed small parts of "only break" fratures are ignored sometimes
* Fixed cracker disabled state not recovered after loading the scene
* Fixed undo all shatter when fbody has baked keys prevent from using PDi solver afterwards
* Fixed fracture bodies of objects childs of a node with rot transform get spoiled after load
* Fixed "has open edges" warning prompt when reshatering an object
* Fixed large thin triangles still created in some cut faces after shattering
* Fixed faces materials are messed up after shattering when original node has degenerate faces
* Fixed jaggy faces materials are messed up when a PDI shard has degenerate faces
* Added a warning when shattering a model presenting reversed normals
* Fixed "Unbreakable until frame" cluster cannot exceed a frame 1000 value  
* Fixed "setup fracture body" window get blocked when object name has no standard characters
* Fixed original object gets templated state when using undo after Shatter it preview mode
* Fixed when creating rbds and change  bVolume  pdi solver ignores them
* Fixed playing back PDi cache includes disabled rigid bodies
* Fixed changing seed of local shatter style left one center unaffected

Update 5.1


This update features a number of fixes from previous version.


* Fixed Maya crash when simulating and there are "activate at first hit bodies" in scene
* Fixed static fragments doesnt propagate stress
* Fixed low mass  impact objects never trigger fracture despite its velocity
* Fixed increasing fracture hardness has little effect in how the object breaks
* Fixed shatter it "detach sub-meshes" makes Maya crash when object has multiple uv sets
* Fixed crackers bounded behaviour get disabled after some frames
* Fixed crackers bounded behaviour fails when fracture propagation isnt local
* Fixed bounded cracks jittering when combined with "break at frame" clusters
* Fixed bounded crack affects strongly nearby "not bounded" cracks
* Fixed pdi scenes saved after baking whole simulation makes Maya crash if deleting PDI keys
* Fixed "break anergy" stresses arent cleared after delete cluster
* Fixed border "break at frame" stresses still displayed after disable it
* Fixed Undo cracker size still uses the previous size when simulating the scene
* Fixed "activate at first hit" fbodies is ignored when colliding with another fbody
* Fixed path based shatter make plugin crash with some concave models
* Fixed "relative to mass" values are set incorrectly after creating a fracture body
* Fixed PDi cache is cleared when selecting a fracture body in the list
* Fixed extend time range spoil pdi cache
* Fixed reshatter after wood splinters get materials messed up when model has materials per face
* Fixed shatterit "undo last" get materials messed up when model has materials per face
* Fixed shatter point cloud disappears completely when dragging it sometimes

Release 5.0



    PDI Fractures solver 2x faster

    PDI Fracture solver gets more debris in areas nearby impact objects

    New bounded behaviour for crackers

    New ability to reverse Cracker direction

    New option to update Cracker Path when user changes reference curve

    New Extent parameter for Shatter it tool

    New ability to exclude part of the curve in Shatter it Draft Mode

    Jagginess applies to broken fragments only

    Load PDI scenes 2x faster

    Create fracture cluster is now an almost instant operation    

    Stresses view "break at frame" clusters are now displayed in green color

    New Add Particles option “visible faces only”


* Fixed force fields can break completely clusters regardless of its hardness
* Fixedt crackers trigger "activate at first hit" fbodies event
* Fixed huge slow down when cleaning PDI scenes before new scene/open scene
* Fixed disabled fracture body doesnt improve performance noticiably
* Fixed Maya slow down hugly when update stresses vertex colors
* Fixed change static fragments to dynamic left them at 0 hardness
* Fixed wrong warning message when creating fracture body with animated parent
* Fixed PDI cache not cleared when animating crackers speed along a curve
* Fixed air damping parameters are wrongly disabled for static fbodies
* Fixed shatter points cannot be completely squeezed over borders
* Fixed cannot bake dynamics when dragging pdi scenes into Maya
* Fixed cannot delete pdi bodies when dragging pdi scenes into Maya
* Fixed Add Particles Tool window causes huge slow down when changing selection

NOTE: Maya  Cached Playback is supported only after baking keys and deleting all PDi rigid bodies

update 4.82


This update features a number of fixes from previous version.


* Fixed fracture body doesnt adquire velocity when hierarchy is animated but not the parent node itself
* Fixed changing fbody activation frame doesnt clear PDI cache
* Fixed update rigid body transform doesnt clear PDI cache
* Fixed Path Based shatter fails when spline is close but not inside the object shape
* Fixed Path Based shatter doesnt increase shatter points when num points isnt a multiple of num knots
* Fixed crackers make plugin crash in linux and macos when simulating in Maya
* Fixed convex hull for very thin objects was created a 0 height always
* Fixed cracker size cannot be less than 0.1, causing issues when working in cm
* Fixed "break at frame" clusters are ignored if the object is already broken
* Fixed single rigid bodies still created when create fracture fails
* Fixed change "activation frame" value is ignored by pdi solver in Maya
* Fixed change "propagation change frame" value is ignored by pdi solver in Maya
* Fixed update clusterize does it wrong at frame diferent than start frame in Maya
* Fixed fracture hardness cannot be animated
* Fixed PDI cache not generated  when fracture friction or bounciness are animated
* Fixed PDI cache isnt disabled when user animate fracture parameters
* Fixed PDI cache is disabled after reset when there are force fields in scene
* Fixed force fields can break completely fracture bodies regardless of its hardness
* Fixed PDi Fracture window isnt updated when adding/deleting force fields in scene
* Fixed fbody initial air damping parameters arent recovered after reset
* Fixed clusterize removes "relative to mass" weights for "activate at frame" fbodies
* Fixed crackers not moving can still break fractures bodies

NOTE: Maya 2019 and 2020 Cached Playback is supported only after baking keys and deleting all PDi rigid bodies

update 4.8



  Shatter it 2x faster

  Shatter "Undo last" 4x faster

  Shatter preview mode 3x faster with hi-poly meshes

  Apply Jagginess 5x faster in Maya

  Modify Jagginess 3x faster in Maya

  Soften jaggy edges 10x faster in Maya

  Inproved quality of jaggy tesselation


* Fixed mesh-mesh collision get stucked sometimes
* Fixed seed doesnt affect local shatter centers position
* Fixed local shatter doesnt fit some points to surface of the model
* Fixed convex hull construction fails for very thin objects
* Fixed weird aligment of points of Path based shatter with thin objects
* Fixed local shatter locator doesnt fit to selected fragment area
* Fixed Undo Last shatter doesnt recover original node names
* Fixed Pdi evaluator doenst work after loading Bifrost in Maya
* Fixed some shatter faces missed in voronoi display wire
* Fixed after shatter "undo last" large cut faces are splitted in triangles
* Fixed huge viewport slow down when displaying stresses
* Fixed selected fragments non highlighted when displaying stresses color( DirectX mode)
* Fixed shatter group dissapears after reshattering when it is child of another Maya node
* Fixed fragments of tesselated objects are detected wrongly by the plugin as open edges
* Fixed rarely a few shards miss its UVS after shattering
* Fixed Additional uvsets are distorted after applying jagginess
* Fixed adding jaggines with voronoi node selected doest it wrong
* Fixed remove jagginess after soften edges left soft edges on original shards
* Fixed soften jaggy edges "broken only" affects non jaggy vertexes of  neighboring fragments
* Fixed hi-tesselated shards fails to match jaggy borders in some areas
* Fixed large Jaggy borders almost not deform

NOTE: Maya 2019 and 2020 Cached Playback is supported only after baking keys and deleting all PDi rigid bodies

Update 4.7



  Secundary cracks are now per fragment

  New transition animation-dynamics method for  fracture bodies

  Allow to recompute fragments with baked keys in dynamics

  Can reshatter single fragments of baked fracture bodies to any extend

  baking of keys is a a background process

  Shatter of combined meshes up to 8x faster

  shatter group is now hilighted before shatter "undo All"

  Added new clear PDI cache UI button


* Fixed application crash when kinematic-mesh animated bodies changes topology per frame
* Fixed "unbreakable until frame" event doesnt work when some fragments are static
* Fixed prop style change event not working sometimes
* Fixed cluster break energy doesnt work when cluster hardness > 0
* Fixed cluster break energy still acts after the cluster has been detached
* Fixed "break at frame " cluster get detached by force fields in advance
* Fixed adquire shatter fails to transfer keys  when target mesh has diferent topology than source
* Fixed adquire shatter doesnt assign original node names to shape nodes
* Fixed static non "first hit" fracture bodies start to break in advance if any other static object is in contact with it
* Fixed "activation at frame" bodies miss it initial speed after resetting the scene
* Fixed Manage PDi World Window not updated when deleting a rigid body in viewport
* Fixed sleeping fracture bodies doesnt break when using clusters
* Fixed break energy hardly affects large fragments
* Fixed cannot undo shatter groups with fracture body signed
* Fixed shatter "undo last" remove fragments with baked keys
* Fixed reshatter already baked fragments delete animation keys for the whole shatter group
* Fixed hidden fragments are wrongly included in fracture body creation
* Fixed scene reset before saving it when no pdi objects in scene
* Fixed cluster of "only breaks" fbodies doesnt break off
* Fixed models made of diferent parts shatter always as detached meshes
* Fixed local propagation dependance in fracture body mass
* Fixed cannot add jagginess to recomputed fragments
* Fixed jaggines applyed wrongly to old cut faces
* Fixed animated nodes child of other animated one  are set wrongly as first hit
* Fixed shards childs of an animated node are wrongly set as dynamic rbds by default
* Fixed wrongly assign rigid bodies to all childs in the hierarchy when parent selected
* Fixed shatter cage not displayed correclty when using wood splinter pattern
* Fixed mesh artifacts appearing sometimes when shattering combined meshes as a whole
* Fixed resume simulation fails after scrubing the time line
* Fixed static fracture bodies in contact breaks at  the begining of simulation
* Fixed convex hull includes far away points when mesh has only 3 vertices
* Fixed convex hull of planar faces doenst collide from inside
* Fixed last frame of simulation not cached for animated fractures
* Fixed cache mode is deactived when user reach start frame but scrubbing time line
* Fixed delete single cluster spoil clusterize state

Update 4.5



New tool for adding Particles to inner faces of shattered objects

Hi-poly animated meshes 3x times faster update in dynamics

New "Increase Selection" fragments button for easier cluster creation

Added ability to change propagation scheme at desired frame

Fracture body Friction, Bounciness, Sec cracks and damping are now animatable in Maya

Rigid body Friction, Bounciness and Mass params are now animatable in Maya

New option to show/hide all disabled rigid bodies in scene

Added a hint warning  when traying to shatter an object with open edges

Adquire shatter can transfer animation from single shape node to multi shape nodes

 "Only Break" fracture bodies captures larger cracks and detachments



* Fixed bake selected ignores single rigid bodies
* Fixed bake selected fails when selecting nodes in viewport
* Fixed Jagginess 2.0 doesnt preserve vertex colors
* Fixed Maya viewport navigation slow down when many rigid bodies selected
* Fixed update rigid body transform for multiple objects changes its creation settings
* Fixed sec cracks value not saved with fracture defaults
* Fixed advanced fractures current selection persist after deleting fracture body
* Fixed Pdi Manage Window doesnt update if still open after loading a new scene
* Fixed Shatter Undo All make crash Maya when selected  node doesnt belong to a shatter group
* Fixed stresses view for animated fracture bodies shattered at frame diferent than 0 display at wrong position
* Fixed stresses view disappears when changing view context
* Fixed vertex color shatter almost ignores small white areas
* Fixed crackers can be shattered when selected along with an object
* Fixed crackers can be set wrongly as rigid bodies
* Fixed local shatter fits points to surface incorrectly in complex areas
* Fixed convex hull volume crash sometimes for hi-poly models
* Fixed can not create fracture bodies from nodes already initilized as rbds
* Fixed ref shapes for shattering exceeding object shape generates much less shatter points than expected
* Fixed transfer keys range set to the number of source keys in place of time range
* Fixed vertex color shatter fits points to convex hull in place of original shape
* Fixed shape based shatter fits incorretly if object has freezed transform
* Fixed jaggy faces distortion because of displacing non cortner jaggy vertex
* Fixed local jagginess now applies to unbroken faces of neighboring fragments
* Fixed modify local jagginess doesnt affect neighbors
* Fixed delete local jagginess doesnt affect neighbors
* Fixed select non-solid objects wasnt working correctly
* Fixed after load scene delete all clusters left wrong stresses in some fragments
* Fixed PDi wrong start frame warning when user changes time range

Known Issues:

When using Maya in Parallel mode, goal UV particles does it wrong second and sucessive times you play the scene,
this is a Maya issue we cannot fix in our side,the workaround is revert to classic DG mode and cache the nParticles,
then you can set parallel mode safely.

Release 4.0



 Outline view of Shatterit fragments in viewport

 New shatter option for using a volume shape as source

 New Adquire Shatter style 

 Jagginess is now independent of mesh tessellation

 New soften edges UI parameter for jagginess

 Improved look of jaggines with soften edges

 New option to apply jaggines to broken fragments only

 Speed up Fractures solver 30% * 50% less memory needed for caching simulations

 Clusterize parameter now depends on object hardness

 New ability to pull apart pieces of an animated object in dynamics at desired frame.

 Default masses for rigid bodies adjusted to more comprehensible values

 Improved performance of fragments selection in advanced fractures

 cluster break energy is now independent of mass

 First hit bodies which eventually doesnt move are excluded from caching and baking

 Added a bake selected option


  • * Fixed secundary cracks dependance on object mass
  • * Fixed shatter history points doesnt match the object transform in frame diferent than 0 
  • *  Fixed shatter it generates the same pattern when shattering several objects at once
  • * Fixed VP2 slow down when switching stresses colors for many fragments
  • * Fixed delete fracture bodies is very slow when in VP2
  • * Fixed delete fracture body with baked keys causes pdi solver get blocked
  • * Fixed PDI scene gets corrupt when user changes Maya units
  • * Fixed animated rotating bodies with pivot away from CM perform bad collisions
  • * Fixed Maya crash when user duplicate a node with pdi body attached
  • * Fixed incorrect drawing of Fracture bodies contour when faces has more than 32 vertexes
  • * Fixed solver start frame value missed when loading a PDi scene
  • * Fixed animated fracture bodies go haywire when scratching the slider
  • * Fixed PDI solver gets blocked if users delete PDi keys using Maya commands
  • * Fixed animated bodies fails to compute vertex velocities sometimes
  • * Fixed capsule volume not displayed in VP2
  • * Fixed shatter a non animated parent node hide all its shilds in viewport
  • * Fixed parented nodes are displayed incorrectly in stresses view using VP2
  • * Fixed firts hit fractures arent activated if impact body mass is less than its own mass
  • * Fixed selected fbody isnt displayed when going back to start frame
Update 3.8.8



Available for Maya 2018

Viewport 2.0 fully supported in Maya 2018


* Fixed breaks upon impact doesnt behave correctly with impact massive objects
* Fixed transition anim dynamics bodies doesnt adquire momentum sometimes
* Fixed initial spin dependance on body/fbody mass
* Fixed switching a fracture body static ON/OFF makes it to ignore its velocity parameters
* Fixed switching a rigid body static ON/OFF in frame diferent than 0 reset its initial position
* Fixed baking keys fails when cache mode is disabled and start frame diferent than 0
* Fixed unbreakable activation at frame fractures moves in advance sometimes
* Fixed Maya crash when trying to create a fracture body from jaggy fragments


Viewport 2.0 is supported in Maya 2015 , 2016, 2017 however a few plugin operations perform faster using legacy viewport.

Update 3.8.7


This update features a number of fixes of previous version.


* rigid bodies are now deleted when deleting the fracture body they belong to
* Fixed "activation at frame" option doesnt adquire momentum
* Fixed Fracture bodies shows thick wires in VP2
* Fixed shatter points doesnt match the object transform in frame diferent than 0 for animated objects
* Fixed break treshold for relative to mass option was set incorrectly in Maya
* Fixed selected pdi primitives arent displayed after scrubbing the time line in Maya legacy viewport
* Fixed animated objects doesnt reshatter correctly in frame diferent than start frame
* Fixed fracture body ability to spin is blocked if changing mass when the object is broken
* Fixed shatterit crash for meshes made of diferent parts sometimes
* Fixed plugin crash when displaying pdi primitives in directx mode
* Fixed jagginess is badly applied to round geometry sometimes

Update 3.8.6



  Shatter support Vertex color

  New  Vertex color shatter style

  Modify jaggy strenght is now a fast operation

  New set All Values to Defaults fracture option

  Current basic fracture options are saved after deleting the fracture body


 * Fixed Uvs are messed up when updating jagginess in frame diferent than 0
 * Fixed shatter preview mode slow down with hi-poly meshes
 * Fixed "create pdi bodies" option in Shatter it doesnt work anymore
 * Fixed Undo Last shatter doenst works if fragments has rigid bodies attached
 * Fixed non convex faces get its material lost sometimes after shattering
 * Fixed application crash when shattering complex non-convex models sometimes.
 * Fixed shatter preview points doesnt show when display vertex color is set
 * Fixed undo last miss multi materials
 * Fixed when changing fragments to static/dynamic fbody mass change


Viewport 2.0 is supported in Maya 2015 , 2016, 2017 however a few plugin operations perform faster using legacy viewport.

Update 3.8



  Available for Maya 2017

  New Wood splinters reshattering scheme

  New "detect mesh groups" shatter option for shattering correctly combined meshes

  Jagginess preserve UVs of original faces( single and multi uvs)

  Support VP 2.0 Core profile mode

  Support Maya 2016/2017 Parallel mode

  PDI keys uses 30% less RAM in Maya getting the playback of massive rbd scenes faster.

  Cut Material->new allows to update the material of current shatter group

  shatter undo Last is now a fast operation

  AutoSelect the fracture body in list corrersponding to current selected fragment

  original object is auto selected after shatterit->undo All


 * Fixed deleting pdicutmat causes cut faces not selectable anymore
 * Fixed cancel Shatter revert to original node when reshattering in Maya
 * Fixed Maya slow down when modifying clusterize parameter in VP2 and stresses view is on
 * Fixed clusterize parameter doesnt work for detached fbodies
 * Fixed convex hull generation fails in a few cases
 * Fixed unbreakable until frame ignored by breakable by frame clusters
 * Fixed Cluster wrongly includes nearby fragments not selected and separated
 * Fixed jagginness detect some faces as concave when they arent
 * Fixed some face materials missed after removing and adding jagginness
 * Fixed Pdi doesnt update gravity after changing it and play first time in Maya when cache mode is ON
 * Fixed making undo group after shattering prevent from undo all shatter
 * Fixed delete jagginess with soften edges left the soften edges
 * Fixed jaggy frequency dependance on faces orientation
 * Fixed jaggy frequency dependance on object size
 * Fixed changing substep doesnt clean cached mode
 * Fixed first simulation frame is skipped
 * Fixed animated meshes are not corretly evaluated sometimes
 * Fixed UVs for cut faces arent splitted by default
 * Fixed select non-solid objects fails with simple geometry
 * Fixed Undo all shatter delete original geometry if it is grouped and the group selected
 * Fixed cancel jaggyness left some jaggy fragments in Maya
 * Fixed wrong vertex normal after jagginess for little fragments in Maya
 * Fixed apply jagginess after undo Last shatter crash Maya
 * Fixed initial state of anim bodies doesnt update when user changes playback range


Viewport 2.0 is supported in Maya 2015 , 2016, 2017 however the performance of the tool is still faster using legacy viewport.

Update 3.7



 Perfect shattering of holed concave shapes like 3D letters

 20% speed up shatter for hi-poly meshes

 Improved behavior of fracture bodies option “Break Upon Impact” specially with force fields.

 “Force convex shapes” is now the default for fracture bodies creation, allowing very fast and stable fracture dynamics in most cases


* Fixed local shatter pivot doesnt fit to surface by default
* Fixed Force fields doesnt affect unbreakable fracture bodies
* Fixed missed normals for holed faces
* Fixed seed 0 doesnt generate diferent points each time
* Fixed hidden scene layers are showed after loading a scene
* Fixed shatter locator get selection lost when moving it in preview mode
* Fixed Undo queue turned off after some plugins operations
* Fixed Radial shatter generated aligned points on the borders
* Fixed reshatter in preview mode fails when UI units diferent than cm
* Fixed fragments slide weirdly on the grid plane
* Fixed shatter preview point cloud weird displacement with excentric objects
* Fixed Shatter Undo all delete ground grid when there arent Pdi bodies in scene
* Fixed Fracture bodies attach nearby fragments each other regardless threshold sometimes
* Fixed Fracture bodies ignores breakable by frame clusters when fragments are sleeping
* Fixed Advanced fractures window doesnt clean-up after scene new


Viewport 2.0 is supported in Maya 2015 and 2016, however the performance of the tool is still faster using legacy viewport.

Update 3.5


New Features:

 Available for Maya 2016

 Congruent vertex normals after shattering.

 Uniform shatter pattern can be offsetted/squeezed

 UniformLocalRadial extend to selected shards only on reshattering

 Ability to do transition animation-dynamics for group of fragments

 Force convex shapes option for fracture bodies creation

 Added DirectX support for viewport 2.0 in Maya( OpenGl was already supported)


* Fixed slow loading of scenes with PDi data
* Fixed concave faces generate incorrect pdi faces
* Fixed invalid stresses created between isolated fragments and the rest
* Fixed cancelling shatter doesnt revert to original node
* Fixed setting Uniform after local doesnt hide locators in preview mode
* Fixed some values of basic fractures doesnt update after creating a fracture body
* Fixed advanced fractures lost focus after setting static fragments
* Fixed shatter preview mode offsets points with polycylinder
* Fixed modify jagginess get mesh corrupted in frame diferent that start frame
* Fixed transition anim-dynamics fails in 2 steps sims
* Fixed update crackers list when a cracker is deleted by user in viewport
* Fixed vertex normals arent applied to objects with uvsets
* Fixed preview points size depends on object scale in viewport 2.0
* Fixed Pdi slow down when many pdi rbds selected
* Fixed Maya crash after applying jaggyness with multiple uvsets

Update 3.3


This update features a number of fixes of previous version.


* Added warning when shattering and active layer is hidden
* Fixed local shatter width parameter not working for some models
* Fixed preview mode points disappears in close view
* Fixed local shatter align fragments on cortners
* Fixed animated fracture bodies fails when animated node diferent than original shape
* Fixed path based preview points miss the last knot
* Fixed objects with pdiRigidBodies attached blocks preview mode
* Fixed single pdiRigidBodies arent deleted when shattering in preview mode
* Fixed Force fields ignores breakable parameters of clusters
* Fixed shatter fails in Maya when objects are grouped
* Fixed objects pass through grid when scene scale is very large
* Fixed cannot shatter several  objects at once

Update 3.1


This update features a number of fixes of previous version


* Fixed UI crackers params doesnt get disabled for disabled crackers.
* Fixed computation slow down with radial shatter
* Fixed pdiCutmat duplicated in hypershade
* Fixed texture get lost after shattering
* Fixed undo last get the current cut material lost
* Fixed apply jagginess fails when object has pdi body attached
* Fixed floating license not loading with proxy option
* Fixed large clusters incorrect bounces in dynamics
* Added fragments parented to bones breaks dinamically

Release 3.0



Shattering of objects is now 20% faster.

New Preview Mode for Shattering: Allowing user to visualize all shatter params before breaking the geometry.

Confom Voronoi Reshatering: User is not longer constrained when reshattering a model, any shatter pattern can be added to the current set of fragments seamlessly, in addition new Conform Voronoi reshatering reduce the number of straight edges in the shatter pattern, hence improving the quality of the fragments generated.

New Width parameter for Radial Shatter.

New Undo Last button for undoing only the last shatter operation.

New Crackers Window: New window for controlling dynamic cracks, you count with several parameters for adjusting the the cracks generation.

New Clusters Panel: User now can set clusters of fragment with different fracture parameters in the same fracture body, clusters can be edited at any time and are saved with the scene.

Bounded Force fields can break fracture bodies: Any bounded force field can break fracture bodies in an accurrate way.

Speed up auto body creation: Creating many rigid bodies at once from complex geometry is much faster now.


* Fixed crash when convex hull has degenerated faces
* Fixed changing num locators make Maya crash