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Tutorials PDI Maya
Breaking 3D text

Diferent effects for breaking 3D Letters

LEVEL: Medium

Angry Cave Orc Breaking Columns

Making an angry cave troll breaking a set of columns in a temple and using nParticles in Maya for adding debris.

LEVEL: Advanced

Shatter preview & Clusters in Pdi 3.x

Review of the new shatter preview an fracture cluster in Pulldownit 3


Destroying the scenery with Pulldownit

tutorial about cracking ground and breaking obstacles with an animated object using Pulldownit 3

Level: Medium

Using Crackers in Pulldownit 3

Review of the new crackers window in Pulldownit 3

Level: Basic

Breaking a Cabin

Breaking a cabin using activation and advanced fractures

LEVEL: Medium

T-REX breaking a wooden door

Showing how to make an animated T-Rex destroy a door in wood splinters.

Facade destruction

Showing how to crack a facade and break windows with Pulldownit plugin.

LEVEL: advenced

Pulldownit 2.0新功能简介

Besthanlei  Pulldownit 2.0 New Features Introduction in Chinese

LEVEL: basic

Installing PDI on OS X Maya

Step by step video tutorial to install Pulldownit plugin in Maya MACOS X by Silent City.

LEVEL: basic

Building demolition Previz

This is probably the simplest tutorial you can find to demolish a big building, this is because Pulldownit is designed specifically for this task, we will do it in Maya introducing fracture bodies, and local and continuous propagation schemes. level:medium

Using Force Fields

Make force fields like vortex or newton interact with dynamics bodies


Mixing Animation & Dynamics

Showing how to make an animated object breaking some models in dynamics with Maya