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Wineglass breaking by Luis Tejeda

Luis tejeda explains how he did this stunning shot with Pulldownit
Open MAC confererence by Ian Zeigler

Brief interview with IanZeigler about the making of his stunning Open MAC shots using Pulldownit Macos version
Character-environment demos review

Review of the character-environment destrution demos by Andres de Mingo
Acueducto of Segovia scene disected

The making of the destruction of the Acueducto digitally by Ivan de Frias
History of Dubrovnik in 3D stereo by Recircle

Recircle have used Pulldownit free version in this appealing documentary about the ancient history of Dubrovnik, known as the 'pearl of Adriatic' in Croatia. Denis Valentic at charge of this production tell us about his experience with Pulldownit.

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