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God of War FX reel by Ruben Morales

Ruben Morales, Lead FX Artist at Sony Santa Monica, shows his work at God Of War game using extensively Pulldownit plugin for destruction effects.
Robot escape from the Port

Andres de Mingo kindly explains us the making of some complex effects using Pulldownit and FumeFX in 3dMax for his appealing destruction shot.
War Reign Cinematics by Lee Soo In

Lee Soo In, FX artist at Penxel, cinematics and breakdown for the game War Reign using extensively Pulldownit plugin for destruction effects.
Car crash in the garage by Andres de Mingo

Andres de Mingo the author of this powerful shot, kindly explains us how he did the destruction effects using Pulldownit plugin in 3d Max.
Dragon Flight to The Castle

Andres de Mingo give some insights into the making of this nice video, specially he explain how the castle was destroyed using Pulldownit plugin in 3d Max.
Breaking Letters Demos by Esteban Cuesta

These are the  breaking letters demos Esteban Cuesta made for his tutorials on shattering text with Pulldownit plugin. Esteban kindly explains some details about the making steps.
Chang Metamorphosis by Artem Paramonov

Artem Paramonov show us this great breakdown he made for a Chang beer commercial and give some details in the case study.
Quake at St.Lawrence Church By Luis Tejeda

Luis Tejeda has posted several videos showcasing a cinematic action shot where a church tower collapses during an earthquake.
The Midas Effect by Niels Bosh

Niels Bosch kindly explain us the main features of this endearing story made for his final project at Utrecht School of Arts, Pulldownit plugin was used extensively for all the scenery destruction effects.
UFO Attack in Madrid by Roberto Martin

Roberto Martin  explains how he made an UFO destroying Puerta de Alcala in Madrid  using Pulldownit plugin and Maya fluids.

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