Pulldownit 4.7 for Maya 14-10-2019

Pulldownit  updates to version 4.7 for Maya this update includes also a number of bug fixes,


A lift for life by Andres de Mingo 12-10-2019

Estaban Cuesta has done a thorough tutorial about this appealing shot by Andres de Mingo, using Pulldownit plugin in 3d Max


Pulldownit for Maya 2018 11-09-2017

Pulldownit , the destruction plugin, is already available for maya 2018. See review here,


Export PDI dynamics from Maya to UE4 26-06-2017

Exporting broken models and dynamics to UE4 works with either Pro version and free version of Pulldownit, just follow the tutorial to learn how to add quality destruction effects into your game.



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